Jan Schimmel, Top Transporten over Grip Lifting:

We now have two lifters that we use and to date we are still very satisfied. The C600 was Grip Lifting’s first machine, so it makes sense that some adjustments were needed. I only had to mention it and Rik and Martijn immediately started to make adjustments. The idea that you are being truly heard is nice.
Van den Top Transporten in Lunteren is one of Grip Lifting’s first customers. Top Transporten has been a well-known name in glass assembly for many years. The company started in 1973 in Lunteren and is still located there. Just like Grip Lifting, it is still a real family business. In addition to installing glass, Top Transporten transports a lot of glass, fronts and frames and is active in special transport. Top Transporten currently has 16 cars, 9 of which are fitted with a crane.

“Besides the fact that I am full of praise for Grip Lifting machines, our drivers and customers are also very satisfied. The options we have taken on the machine, like a short lifting arm and an extra battery, also come in handy. The radio remote controlled operation is also a real advantage, especially when installing indoor glazing. We therefore certainly rate the quality of the lifters at, at least, a 9!

The contact and collaboration with Rik and Martijn is good. When I call or send a message via WhatsApp, I immediately receive a response. The guys understand the game, they don’t just talk the talk, they really understand it. They keep their promises and work very hard. Even when the machine is delivered, Rik stays there and we test the machines with our drivers. They really put their time into it and this is nice to see. In addition, they are also just nice people and we have a beer together after delivery. This is also important. We, too, are a family business, you have to do it together, work hard, and have fun from time to time. The guys from Grip Lifting fit in well with that.

All in all, the collaboration is pleasant and I am sure that we will add more glass vacuum lifters from Grip Lifting in the future.”
Griplifting Top Transporten
“Besides the fact that I am full of praise for the Grip Lifting machines, our drivers and customers are also very satisfied.”
Jan Schimmel – Top Transporten

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