Inspection and maintenance

Grip Lifting represents high quality and service. This is also reflected in our service when it comes to our products. Grip Lifting has skilled employees who do everything they can to provide you with the best possible service.

“Personal contact is what we stand for”

The annual machine inspection is required by law. Grip Lifting aims to save you as much as time as possible in terms of service and mandatory maintenance so that you can focus on the core task, glass installation.

As a manufacturer of glass vacuum lifters, we have knowledge and expertise like no other when it comes to these products. This ensures that your repairs are carried out decisively, safely and to the best possible standards so that your equipment remains in top condition.

We will notify you in good time that your machine needs to be inspected. This inspection is carried out in our own workshop or, if you prefer, at your location.

Wij geven tijdig een melding dat uw apparaat gekeurd moet worden. Deze keuring
wordt uitgevoerd in onze eigen werkplaats of indien gewenst bij u op locatie.

“Always a quick solution”

Damage to the lifter, or any other type of maintenance required? If for some reason you have to continue with the job right away, we always have extra machines that can be delivered or picked up immediately. In addition to this, we have a lot of parts in stock so that your machine can be repaired straightaway and will quickly be ready for safe use again.

Grip lifting equipment keuring en onderhoud