About us

Grip Vacuum Lifting is a fast-growing player in the market for vacuum lifting equipment. We are proud to develop smart and safe lifting equipment that our customers are eager to work with and talk about enthusiastically.

Grip Lifting: Young and Progressive

Grip Vacuum Lifting was founded in 2018 by brothers Rik and Martijn van Wijngaarden. In the first two years, they worked exclusively with local customers to develop the best glass vacuum lifters for the Dutch market. Much attention was paid to convenient and labor-reducing work. This has resulted in the products now available in the current Glass-Maxx range.

Griplifting over ons team

Quality and security

All Glass-Maxx products are designed according to European standards and legislation. For example, all vacuum lifters are equipped with a double vacuum system to offer maximum safety. Each product is extensively tested before delivery to the customer. The electrical system is checked, the airtightness is measured and we carry out a tensile test to confirm the mechanical strength. That is the quality and security you can expect from Grip Lifting.

The tests prior to delivery form a good basis for the reliability that we strive for. The glass vacuum lifters are also inspected annually after delivery. Every inspection we assess the vacuum lifter for damage, wear and all other points that can affect reliability. After the inspection, the machines are returned to our customer as good as new, so work never has to come to a standstill.

Can our organizations reinforce each other? We are convinced of it! We are seeing more and more complex architectural issues in combination with the ever-growing demand for labor-reducing aids. Do you have a particular issue and do you see an opportunity to work together on this? We would be happy to work together with you and we gladly invite you to contact us.